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Goal Setting for Success
Posted at 05 September, 2012

The New Year is around the corner and there is no better time to set some health and fitness goals! Goal setting is a crucial part of achieving success. If you don't know where you are heading, how will you know how to get there? Sometimes we can get stuc...     Read More »

3 Comments | Posted by Exclusively You - Tamika Hilder

Boost Your Metabolism
Posted in Fitness at 05 September, 2012

First of all, everyone talks about metabolism and the 'need to speed it up,' but what does this even mean? Explaining metabolism to me is like trying to explain a car engine it needs many factors working together to run efficiently! What you really want...     Read More »

0 Comments | Posted by Exclusively You - Elisa Miller

Seasonal Produce for Autumn
Posted in Nutrition at 23 May, 2012

Let's celebrate the foods that are in season because that is when you get the most flavor, nutritional value and affordability! For the greatest freshness, look for foods that are locally grown and are in season. Challenge yourself to design your autumn...     Read More »

0 Comments | Posted by Exclusively You - Sally Boyer

Eating for Colon Health
Posted in Nutrition at 09 May, 2012

Have you ever heard that you are only as healthy as the health of you colon? Well you may be wondering how can you contribute to a better functioning, fit and healthy colon each day. First of all, animal and processed foods are harder to digest and can...     Read More »

0 Comments | Posted by Exclusively You - Kira Westwick (Wholefood cook and health trainer)

Soak Up a Little Sun
Posted in Health at 22 February, 2012

We have all been told that too much sun exposure can be bad for our health, which is true; however, we keep missing the message that a little sun, is actually really good for your health!...     Read More »

0 Comments | Posted by Exclusively You
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