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Keeping Active During the Christmas Holidays
Posted in Fitness at 09 December, 2013

Christmas can be a time where we laze around, over indulge and eat too much of the naughty stuff. It IS possible to stay active, maintain balance and still enjoy the festive season period guilt free... Here are some great options, so there are no more exc...     Read More »

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Spring into the Great Outdoors
Posted in Fitness at 18 September, 2013

Here's how to take full advantage of the amazing place we live in. Bless your body with some outdoor fun!...     Read More »

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How Often Should I be Training for Fat Loss
Posted in Fitness at 22 April, 2013

Making the decision to lose weight can be an easy one, but knowing how often you should go to the gym might not be so easy. If you are new to fitness or weight loss you might not understand how your body loses weight and what your fitness programme should...     Read More »

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Weight Training for Women
Posted in Fitness at 19 March, 2013

Will strength training make me bulky? This question comes up frequently from female clients, so let s find out the truth. Many women are worried about building too much muscle and looking too masculine, an image that is largely fuelled by photos ...     Read More »

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Boost Your Metabolism
Posted in Fitness at 05 September, 2012

First of all, everyone talks about metabolism and the 'need to speed it up,' but what does this even mean? Explaining metabolism to me is like trying to explain a car engine it needs many factors working together to run efficiently! What you really want...     Read More »

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