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Great News for Chocolate Lovers
Posted in Nutrition at 12 March, 2013

At Easter, chocolate is a favourite for most people. But aside from a smooth melting texture and an indescribable taste, does this irresistible treat offer any real benefits? Thankfully research has shown that RAW Cacao does . . . Unlike money, choco...     Read More »

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Is Coffee Making you Fat?
Posted in Nutrition at 19 February, 2013

Did you know that 1 single cup of coffee contains over 800 chemicals? These chemicals will take the liver 3-4 hours to break down. Your liver is the organ that is also responsible for breaking down fat. So by drinking too much coffee, you may actually slo...     Read More »

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The Real Food Challenge
Posted in Nutrition at 15 February, 2013

I would like to invite you to join The Real Food Challenge Processed foods, additives and chemicals are inferior to real food and are potentially harmful to your health. So why do you still eat it? Why do you still eat that packaged granola ba...     Read More »

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Seasonal Produce for Autumn
Posted in Nutrition at 23 May, 2012

Let's celebrate the foods that are in season because that is when you get the most flavor, nutritional value and affordability! For the greatest freshness, look for foods that are locally grown and are in season. Challenge yourself to design your autumn...     Read More »

0 Comments | Posted by Exclusively You - Sally Boyer

Eating for Colon Health
Posted in Nutrition at 09 May, 2012

Have you ever heard that you are only as healthy as the health of you colon? Well you may be wondering how can you contribute to a better functioning, fit and healthy colon each day. First of all, animal and processed foods are harder to digest and can...     Read More »

0 Comments | Posted by Exclusively You - Kira Westwick (Wholefood cook and health trainer)

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