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Emotional Balance causes Hormonal Balance

Posted @ Sep 17th 2012 1:43pm - By Exclusively You

I recently caught up with a friend in Melbourne who was explaining to me how in the last five years she had struggled with serious menstrual problems and weight gain that no amount of healthy eating or exercise could fix despite that fact she was training 3-4 hours per day.

 As soon as I heard this my coaching mind went straight to work. I asked her a few key questions and instantly saw a connection between her stressful past and the beginning of her hormonal issues. Despite her resistant, critical and non-believing mind she agreed to a session with me.

 After a 2-hour deep hypnosis session, she was able to release the stressful emotions which she had been holding on to from a past relationship. By seeing how that relationship had served her, assisted in her growth and expansion, she achieved closure and finally felt at peace about her past.

 The following week she emailed me her testimonial…


I have known Tamika for a long time, but never had the privilege of being treated by her.  After 5 years of persevering with GP’s, gynecologists, sports specialists, and Chinese herbalists, I was just about to settle on the fact that my hormones were never going to be normal, until I decided to mention my problems to Tamika. She said that she could see a definite link between my roller-coaster hormones and a stressful, emotional experience that I experienced in the past.  After one hypnotherapy session, I cleared my emotional blocks from the past and straight away had a ‘normal cycle!’  I am a scientist, and in the past have put my trust in science and medicine.  However, Tamika’s approach has sparked a new interest for me in natural healing.
T.T, Melbourne

Our body is designed to heal itself, but only in the right environment. When we have not made peace with our past, and carry unresolved emotions forward, they will manifest physically. Emotions are a chemical released by our brain and the neurotransmitters then are released into our bloodstream and if those emotions are not dealt with they will store in the body and eventually cause dis-ease.

Emotional stress is one of the biggest causes of all dis-ease, and we all know stress causes cancer to form. Disease is not to be looked upon as a negative thing though; we have created it for a reason and once we learn the lesson, we are then able to move forward and our body will heal.

Tara’s emotional baggage was unconscious and until I questioned her she had no awareness of it. However, her body’s symptoms were telling me what the issue was related to and I was able to unveil the root of her issue. Our body is intelligent and is trying to communicate with us all of the time. Rather than seeing disease as something that is taking over our body, look at it as an opportunity to learn more about who you, and how you can move forward to expand as a human being. Use disease as a springboard for transformation and you will heal yourself.

Your mind is powerful. You just need to know how to tap into it. I welcome those who would like to know more to book a free consult, please call 0404 832 086.

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