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Is Coffee Making you Fat?

Posted in Nutrition @ Feb 19th 2013 10:28am - By Exclusively You
Did you know that 1 single cup of coffee contains over 800 chemicals? These chemicals will take the liver 3-4 hours to break down. Your liver is the organ that is also responsible for breaking down fat. So by drinking too much coffee, you may actually slow down your metabolism and prevent your body from burning fat.  


In addition, coffee aids in helping speed up your gastric emptying, which means it will move food through your digestive system and out your bowels quickly. This can be why a lot of people rely on coffee to have a bowel movement every morning. Speeding up you gastric emptying can be a good and bad thing. If you are having a coffee every day with your nutritious morning breakfast, then it is a bad thing. The coffee (mainly the caffiene) will move all those good nutrients through your system so your body doesn't absorb as many of the nutrients. This can be very bad. To prevent this from happening, space your coffee intake to be 30 minutes away from food.


The way in which increasing gastric emptying can be a good thing is when you are having your "cheat meal" or something that is not the best for you. If you have coffee while eating that meal it will help move the food through and out of your system faster so you don't absorb as many of the bad toxins in those "cheat" foods. 


Coffee is also associated with a lot of behaviors known to cause weight gain, such as sleeplessness, stress, raised blood sugar and an increased desire for high calorie foods. Limit yourself to 1 cup of coffee per day, organic and sugar free where possible, to prevent these negative effects- or switch to herbal teas to boost your fat burning potential!


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