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Are you Struggling With Motivation?

Posted in Whole Mind @ Feb 26th 2013 11:06am - By Exclusively You

Have you recently had lack of motivation? Feeling like you should get fit for summer but those temptations are still too hard to say no to? Everyone wants to lose that extra 5-10 kilos to get that great summer body, but how many people are excited about being fit and healthy?

Making a lifestyle change to become healthly can be hard, but what to focus on is the main thing. Once you are fit and healthy, the skinny and awesome beach body will come. You just have to find something that excites you and gives you enjoyment instead of drudging into the gym to run on the uninspired treadmill for an hour everyday.

There are always obstacles when it comes to making changes, but set yourself some good goals and rewards and those obstacles won't stand a chance.

   •     Time – make time on your side. When do you feel the most energized? Are you a morning or evening person? When can you get someone to watch the kids? Wake up earlier and you could find you gain extra time in the day because everything else seems to be more productive.

   •     Consistency – find a buddy or a trainer. Motivation is emotional and comes and goes like any emotion. You need to make your new lifestyle a habit.

   •     Temptations – there always seems to be a birthday at work or a party on the weekend where those cakes and treats come out. Willpower is not always there, so make your goals rewarding and you won't find saying no to a second helping such a hard decision.

Make your new “summer body” last until next summer and the summer after, instead of every winter thinking “I need to lose another 10kg this year.” Find something that excites you – join a running club- don't like running? Grab a bike. Want to stay indoors? Try boxing or kick boxing. Too stressful? Try yoga or pilates. Love the sun? Join a surf club and start swimming. Whatever it is that you do, make sure it’s enjoyable so you can maintian your healthy changes for life!


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