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Great News for Chocolate Lovers

Posted in Nutrition @ Mar 12th 2013 9:21am - By Exclusively You
At Easter, chocolate is a favourite for most people. But aside from a smooth melting texture and an indescribable taste, does this irresistible treat offer any real benefits? Thankfully research has shown that RAW Cacao does . . .
 Unlike money, chocolate really does grow on trees! Raw cacao powder that is harvested directly from the fruit of the cacao tree is a pure, raw, living, beautiful substance that can offer so many health benefits! Containing tryptophan, which helps produce serotonin - the natural anti-depression hormone in our bodies - chocolate offers great mood boosting properties! Raw chocolate is choc-a-bloc full of antioxidants which helps to slow down the aging process and it is an excellent source of magnesium, which helps improve cardiovascular health; reducing your risk of blood clots, strokes and heart attacks. It also contains the beauty mineral sulfur which is known to build strong nails and hair, shiny skin, detoxify the liver and support healthy function of the pancreas. Wow! That's a lot of persuasive reasons to feel good about including chocolate in your diet!

However, don't run out to your local milk bar just yet (sorry) . . . The Chocolate we find at our servo's and on our grocery store shelves is void of almost all this nutritional value. It comes full of processed materials including unhealthy sugars, chemical enhancers, colourings and perservatives. A better choice would be to look for dark bitter sweet chocolate, the darker the better. But your best, guilt free choice would be an organic raw chocolate bar such as RAWGANIC which are now readily available at your local health food shop! It is also very simple to make your own nourishing chocolate at home. Try making your own raw chocolate and raw chocolate desserts using raw cacao powder or nibs. Check out our Facebook page for some yummy, healthy chocolate recipes!


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