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Weight Training for Women

Posted in Fitness @ Mar 19th 2013 8:21am - By Exclusively You

Will strength training make me bulky?


This question comes up frequently from female clients, so let's find out the truth.

Many women are worried about building too much muscle and looking too masculine, an image that is largely fuelled by photos of female bodybuilders. But to answer this questions clearly and simply, "No, it won't make you bulky!"


Females simply do not have the testosterone (the ultimate muscle building hormone) like males do to support large amounts of muscle bulk. Females, on average, only have 1/10th the testosterone of males. This is more or less the bottom line. Keep in mind, the image of huge muscular women that many females fear are virtually always under a lot of specific conditions - training every day, a diet that contains so much protein your brain stops working properly and often a drug-fuelled 'supplementation.'


The good news is that women can get much stronger and leaner through strength training, especially compared to their body in an untrained state. This can significantly aid physical performance and daily energy as well as making one more resistant to injury.

If you are a highly unusual genetic specimen and find yourself getting truly "bulky" then talk to your trainer about more muscle lengthening techniques to build a leaner look.


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