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The Health Benefits of Massage

Posted in Health @ Mar 26th 2013 8:23am - By Exclusively You

Massage has been around for centuries, often reserved as a luxury for the rich and famous with their week long spas and special treatments.


It has finally done it's time as a fluffy nice treat for the elite, to earning its place amongst some of the more sort after alternatives to Surgery, Physio and Chiropractic care.


Remedial Massage has come along way from the good old fashioned movement of lactic acid to the more in depth treatment we see today. It promotes fresh blood supply to the muscles, tendons & ligaments, improves circulation, reduces blood pressure, alleviates pain and discomfort in the muscles, re-aligns the bones and stretches the muscles commonly aggravated by the hectic stresses of our busy lives.  


Psychological and emotional stressers can all take their toll on the body by affecting the chest, lungs, head and throat muscles. Physical stress from exertion, posture and leisure activities can also affect different areas of the body. Remedial and Therapeutic Massage is one of the best ways to eliminate that tension or correct the alignment of the body or refresh the mind.


If you want a less invasive treatment to maintain your healthy body, then come and see one of our well trained massage therapists in Southport, Oxenford or Robina.  


If not for your enjoyment, do it for your body!


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