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The Deadlift- King Of Exercises!

Posted in Fitness @ Nov 30th 2011 1:58pm - By Exclusively You - Anaru Paki- Health Trainer - Southport

Want a pert, firm and tight rear side or reduced lower back stress…? Then your RDL’s could be just the exercise you need!

Here are just some benefits the Romanian Dead Lift (RDL) can help you with…

   •     A higher, firmer, more pert bottom. (Less to no sag)

   •     Greater hamstring & glute strength. (Which can help alleviate back pain)

   •     A Stronger, more stable upper, middle & lower back.

   •     Greater hamstring, glute & calf flexibility. (back of the thighs & bottom)

   •     Stronger & more stable core/abs.

   •     Improved posture (less upper back & neck pain)

   •     Improved balance & spacial awareness.

The RDL is a rewarding, yet challenging movement. It is challenging because the potential benefits quite often also represent, or correlate with your greatest weaknesses! So to attain these benefits while strengthening your weak points, you must… learn safe & effective techniques for this exercise.

Have one of our great trainers work with you to show you how to perform a Romanian Dead Lift (RDL) safely & correctly, so you too can reap the rewards that this wonderful exercise has to offer!


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