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Spring into the Great Outdoors

Posted in Fitness @ Sep 18th 2013 11:19am - By Exclusively You

Participating in outdoor activities isn’t just important for kids… it’s important for everyone! Staying active outdoors is great for giving our bodies some fresh air, healthy sunshine and mental clarity. Now that the colder months have passed, it’s time to get out there and make the most of the beautiful place we live in. The Gold Coast is filled with awesome locations allowing us to be active outdoors including parks, walking tracks, sensational views and of course… the beach. Outdoor activities don’t have to be expensive. In fact, most of the time they’re FREE! So here are some ideas for outdoor fun for you and your family, partner and/or friends to experience this Spring.

Get out the Bikes!

Remember back to when you got your bike … how excited were you?! And now it just sits in the garage gathering dust.  Your bike deserves to be loved. Why not take it out this Spring for a morning along the beach, a power ride up some hills or even a trip to the gym. Your body will thank you for it, and so will your beloved bike.  

Plant a Veggie Garden

You’ve always wanted to, but something always seemed to get in the way. Set aside a day and plan a trip down to the markets or Bunning’s to pick up some plants. Select seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs and get planting! Veggie gardens do require maintenance and care, but with the fresh tastes and nutritional benefits of home-grown produce, it’s definitely worth it.

Our friends from Pandora Downs provide newbies with lots of information… Check out their website

Picnic it up

There are SO many healthy, simple recipes for picnic snacks and meals available on EY’s Facebook and Kira’s ‘Wholesomekids’ Facebook. If you’re wanting a relaxing day with the family, some friends or even if you’re going on a special date, spend a couple of hours preparing some delicious snacks in the kitchen for a healthy picnic at the beach or park. This will give you a chance to finally try out that recipe you’ve been dying to make and who knows, there might even be some leftovers for yummy snacks later in the week. Enjoy the sun, good company and good food.

Stand up Paddle Boarding

There are various places on the Gold Coast that rent out paddle boards for as little as $10, that’s if you don’t already have a board. Tallebudgera and Currumbin are great places to paddle board on calm waters. You could use paddle boarding as an early morning strength/cardio workout or just go for a relaxing cruise on a sunny day. The water is now warmer and clearer so you might be lucky enough to see some cool ocean creatures! Be sure to also check out Stand up Paddle Board Yoga if you’re up for a challenge.


That’s right, snorkeling on the Gold Coast. Whip out your old snorkel and flippers and head down to Tallebudgera, Burleigh, Currumbin or even Byron Bay where you can explore clear waters and play with the fish for no cost. You’ll be surprised what you can find and you won’t want to come out of the water!

Local Fitness Events

Marathons, triathlons, cross-fit games, obstacle courses… it’s all happening this Spring! Check out the local newspapers and surf the net to find local fitness events that may interest you. Fitness events offer an awesome opportunity to face some fears, achieve some goals and have a lot of fun. Get a team together and get going!

EY’s Group Classes

The sun is coming up earlier now so it’s easier to get out of bed and get moving! EY has a diverse range of group classes in the mornings and evenings that utilize the great outdoors. Working out is great, but training outdoors offers a different experience and many health benefits. Check out your studio’s group timetable… it’s time to mix up your exercise regime!  


Debby brady @ Sep 18th 2013 1:08pm
Come and try outrigging on a Saturday morning 845 at telebudera beach.,
Joan @ Sep 23rd 2013 8:17am
Great blog! Excited to get out in the sun

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