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About EY

Exclusively You Wholesome Health Studios have been on the Gold Coast for over 10 years with studios in Robina, Oxenford and Southport. The founder Adam Westwick found that with all the gyms and health hype out there, there wasn’t really a “health” studio that believed in helping people actually get really healthy so he set out on a mission.

Our motto says it all, “Your Body is for Life…Treat it Right”. If you do not take your wellbeing seriously, maybe it’s time you did before it’s too late. Don’t ignore the early warning signs of ill health and future disease that you may be experiencing, such as weight gain, fatigue, and aching joints. Our approach is to firstly and most importantly teach you how to get your health back on track, because we know that getting ‘skinny’ will naturally follow!

The EY Team’s aim is to make your new exercise and eating regime a fun and exciting part of your life, something that you look forward to with freedom and not with the restrictions and challenges that come with most weight loss programs.

We believe that achieving optimal health and wellbeing is acquired through a wholesome and balanced approach, and that no weight loss or fitness program should have to compromise health to achieve the results you desire. Our wholesome approach will help you get the healthy and happy life you are striving for, through whole Foods, Whole Heart, Whole Body and Whole Mind. In today’s world it’s no wonder so many people are frustrated andconfused about how to achieve this, with so many contradicting ideas and profit driven products it is almost impossible to decide on the right advice for you.

It is our goal not to force upon you any strict ideas or concepts but to more importantly give you back your power. The power to make informed health choices for you and your family and loved ones.


 “EY Wholesome Health Studios aim to ensure you our valued client and friend, achieve your lifestyle goals by providing you with outstanding professionalism, knowledge and service to allow you to live life to your healthiest potential.”

“Our commitment is to provide you with the latest information to ensure every experience is fun, interesting, and tailor made Exclusively to You”

Whether you dream of conquering an amazing physical challenge, or are looking to add a healthy balance into your life, we have got a solution fit for you.

If you're frustrated about all the confusing information and theories on achieving lasting results in health, fitness and wellbeing then having a qualified, experienced and professional team guide and support you should be very important to you.

Please click on the link to print out your health screen form to complete before your first session - Health Screen Form


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