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Trainer Coaching

After training, coaching and massaging clients right here on the Gold Coast for well over 10 years I understand just how much work goes into building a successful career in fitness and just how important it is to have mentors and be constantly working on yourself and your own knowledge and skill..

I am a certified and registered coach and trainer with Boxing Australia, Australian Strength & Conditioning Association, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist.

I have been blessed enough to run my own studio is Southport for the last 5 years and have a true passion, mission and desire to see this super important industry that we work in always improving.

If there is anything I can do to improve the success and longevity of our sport, fitness and health professionals then I am there!

While I do not pretend to know it all (for instance if you are looking to get ready for body building competition then I am defenantly not your man!) what I do know I have spent decades in honing my skills and always love the chance to pass on this knowledge.

Coaching And Mentoring Opportunities

To discuss options and pricing to take your training skills to the next level please feel free to contact me on:


Phone: 0417 577 281

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