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Click on some of our Happy Clients to find out more on why they Love EY Wholesome Health and Fitness Studios 


My Top 10 reasons why I love EY (by the clients)

  1. I love that all the trainers know my name
  2. I love the clients are so friendly
  3. I love that I can take my kids with me when I need to
  4. I love the whole food philosophy and all the Wholesome recipes
  5. I love the resonable cost
  6. I love there are so many classes
  7. I love that EY is committed to educationg their clients
  8. I love that I can get a bioimpedence to see exactly where I am at
  9. I love that clients get free access to all the seminars (Don Tolman, Tyler Tolman, Don Chisholm,etc)
  10. I love going to breakfast after classes with all the other clients

Katie E.

  1. They offer indoor and outdoor classes
  2. Always recieve acknowledgement from trainers when entering EY
  3. It's not a pretentiou gym, like many I have been to before
  4. They offer a range of different classes - Core, Boxing, Extreme, TRX, etc
  5. EY promotes a good family and community environment
  6. It's affordable
  7. They host interesting seminars - Holistic Health, Body and Fitness and Cooking demos
  8. Good facilities with a central convenient location
  9. Love the fact that classes are never the same!!
  10. Offer great recipes on Facebook page and have quarterly newsletters available

Dimity C.

  1. It feels like a family
  2. It doesn't have that sterile gym feel
  3. You feel like your at a social gathering more than a workout session, so you don't dread it
  4. You always leave EY smiling because everyone is so happy to be there
  5. Unlike the big gyms, everything is not focused around big equipment, but around your body and free weights
  6. The EY trainers are always friendly and helpful
  7. The group classes are fun and enjoyable, not a chore
  8. There is always something you enjoy
  9. There's always a helpful seminar to put you in the right direction health wise
  10. You come out feeling more alive then when you went in!


  1. Really friendly trainers and staff that take the time to get to know you
  2. A fantastic holistic approach to health that is realistic
  3. intimate environment
  4. I love the one-on-one motivation
  5. Lots of variety in the classes
  6. People/clients/staff look normal and I feel far less self conscious at EY than other gyms I've been to
  7. EY offers off-campus fun events
  8. EY works for me at the 5 &6 pm class times which is after work and then energizes me for my hour drive home
  9. Its great to get tips from EY's Facebook page
  10. Best for last - the wholesome Health Recipes - so good!

Solua M.

  1. Helps me to get strong and fit
  2. Friendships formed from classes
  3. Wide range of exercise equipment
  4. Sound dietary advice
  5. Central location of studios
  6. Frequent events such as BBQs and seminars
  7. I like that we use the outdoors to exercise in and don't just stay in the studio
  8. The trainers take an interest in your goals
  9. EY has a lot of relationships built with other health practitioners in the areas (i.e. physio, chiro)
  10. The trainers give sound medical advise towards injuries and other health concerns

Andrew K.

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