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Why Corporate Health?

Millions of workers in any given year will experience a work related injury or illness. Many cases result in lost work time, medical treatment, work restrictions or may require transferring to another job. There are many benefits to the promotion of Worksite health in your workplace.

Improved health, fitness & well being among staff means...

  • Increased productivity, positivity & profitability in the work place
  • Reduced workers compensation Premiums
  • Increased recruitment potential
  • Reduced absenteeism & disability time
  • Increased morale & camaraderie

Benefits for the individual

  • Improved health awareness
  • Improved strength, mobility, fitness & energy
  • Enhanced self-esteem, motivation and quality of life
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Stress management strategies

The Bottom Line

The productivity of any organisation is linked to the health of its employee, and ultimately, the bottom line. There are an increasing number of research studies that indicate healthy employees are more productive and absent less often.

Recent research conducted by Medibank Private* found.

  • Healthy employees are nearly 3 times more productive than employees with poor health
  • Employees with poor health take up to 9 times more sick leave than their healthy colleagues
  • Presenteeism and absenteeism is costing Australian business $10.11 billion annually

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics* In a 2008 study 61.4% of the adult population are overweight or obese.

When research shows that obese employees have a higher rates of absenteeism than their non-obese counterparts, it is beneficial to employers to encourage employees to lose weight & improve their health.

What some of our Corporate clients have to say about training at EY...

"Training has helped with work as I feel it is a good way to break up the day both physically and mentally, it helps maintain health and it is also a great for team bonding." 

Tenelle May - Solicitor

"In addition to keeping me healthy and sane, I honestly feel that the training I do with EY has improved my productivity at work. It has kept me more alert and more focused so that I am able to do a lot more throughout the day.   I don’t get as tired –after a training session and I feel so energised and ready to tackle all that work has to throw at me." 

Tina Ibraheem - Solicitor

"Training with EY helps break the day up for us and means we don’t have to go to a gym outside of work. We also feel better going back to the office having done some activity for the day instead of sitting in front of a computer all day." 

Mitchell Herlihy - Solicitor

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