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Meditation - The Key to Relaxation

Posted in Whole Mind @ Apr 15th 2013 9:41am - By Exclusively You

Meditation is simple and natural.  It is a spiritual system which caters for the whole being.  It touches the physical aspect as part of the wider whole.

All human beings experience different states of consciousness, which are directly related to electrical brain waves.   


The major states we experience fall into five categories:

1.          Beta - Being awake in an ordinary state of mind

2.          Alpha - Being conscious and relaxed in a meditative state (also in hypnosis)

3.          Theta - Being asleep and dreaming, or conscious in deep meditation (also in hypnosis)

4.          Delta - Being in deep sleep or in a coma

5.          Dead!

Alpha is a pleasant, meditative state of consciousness that promotes a sense of inner peace and overall wellbeing.

Meditation allows our consciousness to link with the Higher Self and the spiritual source.


The Difference Between Thinking and Meditating

Deepak Chopra describes meditation as the space between thoughts.  It is a state of pure perception and total awareness which is quite distinct from thinking about something in an intellectual manner.

When we think we are usually in the BETA state of consciousness and the stream of thoughts are random and scattered, and we can't control it.

In meditation we focus the thought flow by fixing the mind on a single object (e.g. mantra, the breath, a candle, guided commentary etc) which becomes our meditation focus.  This process gently slows the brain down into an ALPHA state or beyond.

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation when practiced regularly helps you deal with the challenges of everyday life with clarity, calm and acceptance

  • Greater connection to your soul
  • Improved management of emotions
  • Improved ability to make good decisions based on values
  • More happiness & passion for life
  • New perspectives on problems and blocks
  • Improved quality of thoughts
  • More loving relationships with self, colleagues and those you care about
  • Improved mental power, clarity, energy, vibrancy and mental focus
  • Vibrant health and happiness
Meditation gives us the ability to cope with everyday stresses in a positive way!


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