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The 4 Pillars Of Health

Posted in Health @ Sep 15th 2016 7:32am - By Damian Butcher

The 4 Pillars Of Health


Thanks for tuning into our first episode of EYTV...

In this episode we explain the entire philosophy of our studio and briefly explain what we believe The 4 Pillars Of Health to be.

Like any structure being held up by 4 pillars, no one pillar is any more important than the others. They are all essential to hold up the structure of our health.

Also much like that same structure we could potentially be able to function with just three strong pillars... Though it wouldn't be so stable. We could even survive on two strong pillars (if they were the correct ones), but we would always be on the brink of collapse. Exactly as many of us are just teetering on the brink of our health collapsing.

So the only way to really have a strong structure is to have all four pillars at their maximum strength.

Send us any questions or comments and we hope you enjoy...

"Youre Body Is For Life... Treat It Right!"


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